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So, what's the story?

Tommy and Careen have been through a LOT since they met six weeks ago. On that day, everyone was told to brace for a chemical weapons attack, and the teens' carefully-ordered world spun out of control.

They grew up in a society directed by government-approved Civilian Restrictions--which they've been told are meant to protect them from terrorism. As a result, there's no social media. No one is allowed to gather in public places or attend concerts or sporting events. Only a small, select group of adults have driving privileges.

But even with the Restrictions, safety and security couldn't be guaranteed.

The OCSD assured the frightened public that they were ready to deal with the imminent attack, and distributed an antidote to counteract the effects of the toxins. Everyone was directed to take three drops a day. After all, it was a small price to pay for health.

Tommy and Careen obediently took the antidote; neither considered stopping when strange things began to happen. The day the disaster sirens signaled the dreaded attack, Tommy shared his last dose with Careen even though doing so might hasten his death. It was a small price to pay for a friend.

Follow Tommy and Careen as they uncover a web of lies and deceit reaching to the highest levels of the United States government, and join an underground resistance group that's determined to expose the truth.


What do readers say?

"Lawson doesn't give her characters the easy way out--they're forced to make decisions and suffer the consequences."

"I found myself reading past my bedtime."

"Who says these books are only for young adults? My seventeen-year-old daughter loved them, and I did, too!"

"The action begins on page one and continues at a relentless pace."

"Lawson's novel asks an even more disturbing question: what if the real culprit was someone or something we trusted? Who will be willing to challenge the authorities, whomever they may be, to preserve their freedom?"

What would you do?

Eighteen-year-old Careen didn't believe one person could make a difference. When she finds herself in the national spotlight, will she be brave enough to bring the truth about a government conspiracy to light?

"The character development of teenagers Tommy and Careen dovetails nicely with the plot as they find each other and begin to unravel the truth behind the propaganda that invades their consciousness on a daily basis through Orwellian-named devices like PeopleCam."

"I can only hope I'd be as brave as Careen in similar circumstances."





Audio Book is here!

Actress Sarah Rogers brings the characters to life in the Resistance Series audio books. I've really enjoyed working with her, and can't wait for her to finish work on Revolt, the final book in the series.

Listen to a sample chapter from Counteract.

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Resist: Book Two of the Resistance Series won a Silver Medal in the 2016 International Wishing Shelf Book Awards
Resist was named Best YA Fiction 2016 by the Texas Association of Authors Book Awards