Photo Shoot

Keri James and Tasha Counteract shootI pictured Careen’s liquid locket in my mind long before I happened across one that was exactly like it in a shop in the Short North in Columbus! Check out Kristan Early’s Bella Bead Studio Etsy site for liquid lockets and more beautiful jewelry and accessories.

Keri and Tasha Counteract shoot

Tasha did the photography for the cover art.  She and my daughter, Keri, have been friends since kindergarten, and have been in Girl Scouts, dance lessons, soccer, and school musicals together.

Tasha’s an award-winning artist, and it was a no-brainer to get her involved in this project!

Keri and James were the models for the shoot. James hasn’t read Counteract yet, and as he stood there holding the locket of (pretend) CSD, he asked, “Am I portraying the protagonist or the antagonist?” When we told him he was the protagonist, he responded with a fist pump and a “Yessss…”


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