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An Important Message from the Office of Civilian Safety and Defense

October 27, 2034

To All Citizens:

Terrorists have released chemical weapons into the atmosphere over the entire United States.  The chemicals are harmless until such time as they are activated and detonated.

There is no reason to panic or fear the effects of the chemical weapons.  The Office of Civilian Safety and Defense received intelligence about the chemical weapons plot and, with time to anticipate the attack, developed and stockpiled supplies of a prophylactic drug to counteract the effects of the chemical weapons.

The Counteractive System of Defense drug (known hereafter as CSD) will be distributed immediately.  CSD will be provided free of charge to every individual in the United States, for as long as the threat persists.

By taking the recommended daily dose, we will all be safe, and thereby thwart the terrorists’ plan.

Please check back often for helpful information about how to keep your family safe.

Don’t forget to take your daily dose of CSD. It’s a small price to pay for your safety.

Dr. Lowell Stratford
Office of Civilian Safety and Defense

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