Who Did That Awesome Artwork?

Guess what? I’m preparing a free gift for you, my devoted fans! Details at the end of this post:

I love having creative control over my Resistance Series books, and especially enjoyed working with caricature artist Will, who has drawn custom artwork for each of the four books.

From the beginning, Will told me he wasn’t a police sketch artist, and needed a photo to work from. I had a very clear idea of what my characters looked like, but no photos…so how did we decide on a look for Tommy and Careen?

I couldn’t use a photo of an actor or model without permission, and besides, I didn’t want my creations to look exactly like any living person. So I got creative.

My great-great grandfather’s portrait was made in 1863, just before he enlisted in the Union Army. People in photos from this era rarely smile, because it was hard to hold a smile perfectly still long enough for the image to be fixed on film. His determined look and the set of his jaw befitted a young soldier. He was a perfect template for Tommy.

2013-08-30 10.39.54














Careen Catecher has the lovely cheekbones and eyes of my maternal grandmother. In Grandma’s portrait, taken in the late 1930s, she has glam lipstick and a curly bob, which wasn’t at all how I pictured Careen. But with the updated hairstyle and natural lip color, she’s perfect.













Once we had the original portraits, Will has been able to put them into action scenes. It’s awesome to see the story come to life through his drawings.


Now, about the special free bonus…

I’m putting the finishing touches on Shatter: Tommy’s Prequel to the Resistance Series. Unlike Spark: Careen’s Sequel, which is available as a free download on Amazon, the ONLY WAY to get your copy of Shatter–which also features a gallery of drawings from all the Resistance Series books–AND the brand-new art Will’s working on right now–is to purchase your copy of Revolt: Book Four of the Resistance Series on Amazon and email me a screen shot of your receipt to tracy@counteractbook.com.

This offer will be good through July 20, 2017.


Wanna know more about Will? You can find him on the creative clearinghouse website fiverr.com under the handle WillNoName. Here’s a recent video he posted about his trip to Conque 2017 in Mexico!



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