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Who can Tommy trust when his world unravels and everything he’s believed is a lie?

“The truth is scary–and as more is revealed, the deeper and darker the story becomes.”

"A promising new YA series about a totalitarian America." -Kirkus

What if you’d been told you were in danger every minute of every day?

What if you were told to take extraordinary precautions to stay safe–until extraordinary started to feel…ordinary.

It’s hard to stay afraid all the time. Maybe, after a while, you’d just learn to tune it out.

But if you did, whoever it was that needed you to be afraid would have to up their game…

Do Tommy and Careen have a future…

as binge-worthy TV?


The television pilot based on the Resistance Series books has placed in two screenwriting competitions in the past few months, and has received encouraging feedback.

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Books Should Never Be Banned. Period.

Teens need to read books that tackle the difficult and the gritty.

Where else will young people who, for whatever reason, don’t feel comfortable discussing certain topics, get the answers they crave?

Where else will they learn that others’ innermost thoughts and fears are the same as their own?

And don’t even get me started about banning books that make uncomfortable references to what happened in the past.

Every book is a microcosm of the time in which it was written. If we erase all the uncomfortable parts of our collective past, how will we steer toward a better future? Those who don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

We find truth in fiction. Yesterday’s banned book often becomes today’s classic.

What’s your favorite banned book?