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An Open Letter to Readers: Why You Are Important to Me

“Maybe next time you ask yourself, ‘why am I doing this’…you should try to see the bigger picture.” (from the work-in-progress that is Ignite, Book Three of the Resistance Series)

My characters know. I sometimes forget. You, my readers, are the bigger picture. I’ve wanted to be an author my whole life—but until my first novel was published, I didn’t realize why.

I’ve taught dance and worked in educational theater for over twenty years; actors, dancers, artists, and writers do what we do because we have something to share.

When I write, I open up my soul and hand out part of myself. That’s terrifying for every artist, every time. We don’t fear criticism nearly as much as we fear no one will see. Without an audience, it’s like we starve.

So you, my readers, are everything to me. I write with you in mind, even if I don’t know you personally.

I want the reaction and the interaction. I hope you’ll find something of yourself in at least one of the characters, because that binds us even closer. I want you to enjoy the time you spend with Tommy and Careen.

If I see you at a book festival, library, or bookstore, I honestly do want to talk to you about writing and reading. We don’t have to talk about my books—any books will do!

The business part of publishing can be frustrating and tedious. Delays and typos and people who promise to write reviews and then don’t are beyond my control. I want everything to be correct—nay, perfect—and that’s rarely an option.

My readers are the reason I write.

The business part of publishing is necessary to connect me with my readers, and marketing is frustrating! I fear I’ll never reach as many people with my stories as I want to.

When I’ve choreographed a musical, I like to sit in the audience and watch people’s faces as they watch the performers onstage. Writers don’t always get to watch people read their books—but I’ve been lucky enough to sneak a peek at a few people while they were reading Counteract.

It’s very much like watching the audience in a theatre. Their eyes get bigger; one bites her lip as she reads; another mutters, “I hate that guy!” They turn the pages fast. They barely breathe. They’re immersed.

Writers should strive to connect to readers through social media, book festivals, school visits, libraries, whatever avenues are available. It’s good for all of us!

14 year-old Rachel, one of my theater students, ran up to me at the July 4th fireworks and panted, “Oh my gosh I loved Counteract so much! When is the next book coming out?”

For Rachel, and all the others, I know I’ll continue to write.



  1. Susan Hughes says:

    You have such a warm heart and a creative soul, Tracy. I know your readers will be moved by this post. I certainly was.

    Keep Writing….

    1. Tracy Lawson says:

      Thanks, Susan! Your support means so much to me. I love Tommy and Careen too much not to see their story through to the end–whatever and whenever that may be.

  2. Connie says:

    Gosh, Tracy, you wrote my heart and soul. I write for my readers as well. But you say this so much better than I could.

    Write On!

  3. Tracy Lawson says:

    Thank you, Connie! I’ve seen you in action at book festivals and I know how much you love to interact with your readers, too!

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