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Creating the Resist Book Trailer

Back in the Dark Ages of analog, long, long, ago, I planned a career in video production. We used 3/4″ videotape cassettes, which were industry standard. 1/2″ VHS was lower quality, reserved for home use.

Those 3/4″ cassettes were monsters–about the size of a hardback book.

I worked for my high school’s instructional television station, as news director and anchor on the weekly news program. I also liked to do short subject documentaries and music videos. (I still have a private stash of bloopers featuring my high school friends which are suitable for blackmail.)

We had three Ikegami 730s (just like in the picture)–what real TV stations were using at the time. The camera and the porta-pack recorder were big and bulky. Teenage me was not. I think the equipment outweighed me–at least it felt like it when I was shlepping it all around on remote shoots. (You really did need a hunky guy to carry all the video equipment around. It was a tough life in the 80s…)

I didn’t end up working in video production after college. And that’s cool. I worked in advertising for a while, as an investigator for the state of Florida, and as a dance teacher and choreographer. I’ve had lots of fun in my work life.

But I’m a fish out of water when it comes to video technology.

Oh, my how things have changed.

When I first thought about doing book trailers for my novels, it seemed like a daunting task. I can shoot video on my phone just like every other mom, but digital editing eluded me.

Luckily, help was just a few clicks away.

I found Rachel on, and she’s awesome. I wrote the copy and provided the images (drawn by WillNoName, also available for hire at and she put it all together.

If you had just a minute or two to describe a book, how would you do it? It’s tricky to summarize a whole book in 7 or 8 frames, each of which could display a phrase or sentence and an image.

I ended up doing three trailers for Counteract, two of which used portraits of Tommy and Careen. I did one from his perspective, and one from hers.

For Resist, I ordered more detailed drawings and thought about how Tommy and Careen’s relationship has evolved, and how they’ve been affected by what’s happening around them. There are lots of new characters in Resist. I can’t wait for my readers to get to know Wes, Danni, and Jaycee!

Here’s the video:










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