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Dystopian New Year

In an alternate reality version of New Years’ Day 2017, Tommy Bailey, the protagonist of the Resistance Series, is five months old. He was born into a time of increasing turmoil and transition.

Tommy was too young to understand that an authoritarian leader named Lowell Stratford was on the rise. Stratford played on people’s fears of terrorism and their need for security as he built the Office of Civilian Safety and Defense, an administrative government agency that eventually came to oversee everything related to domestic security, from wheelchair ramps to terrorism.

FBI FoilsStratford presented as a protector, but soon became a tyrant, and before long, the OCSD grew to become more powerful than the three legitimate branches of the United States government.

Tommy’s mother felt the need to shelter him from the fears that gripped the country. Though she made sure his childhood memories were of sports and family trips to their cabin at a nearby lake, she couldn’t dissuade the fear that gripped the country as the terrorist attacked increased.

Tommy’s father wanted his son’s future to be free of an authoritarian government. He feared what could happen if Lowell Stratford’s influence and power were allowed to grow unchecked, and he began to write opinion articles attacking the Office of Civilian Safety and Defense’s policies.

Stratford retaliated by accusing Bailey of masterminding and funding domestic terrorist attacks. Bailey countered with reasoned arguments against the OCSD’s policies. The OCSD upped the ante and implemented Civilian Restrictions banning air travel, public gatherings, and social media. Despite Bailey’s entreaties, people willingly surrendered their civil liberties, one after the other, hoping to decrease their danger.

Finally, Stratford grew tired of Bailey’s campaign against him, set his sights on destroying his detractor.

02_tommyCounteract: Book One of the Resistance Series, is set in 2034. Tommy Bailey, now eighteen, is coming to terms with the loss of his parents, who were killed in a recent auto accident. He’s unaware of the connection between his parents’ deaths and the powerful head of the Office of Civilian Safety and Defense. When Tommy learns the truth, he’ll be compelled to continue his father’s legacy.774_sketch_03

When I began writing the Resistance Series in 2009, the plot seemed implausible and fantastic. It was fun to imagine a dystopian alternate-reality version of the United States and put my teenaged protagonists in situations I’d never, ever want my own dear ones to face.

But now, it appears my scenario wasn’t as far-fetched as I believed. We may have to brace for the coming storm.

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