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Everyone’s Children Should Join The Resistance

Parents should have the right to make decisions regarding their children, not the government.

Members of The Resistance, this one is for you. As you read the statement below, think carefully before you agree with what it says. Your future might depend on it:

We need to cast away the thought that children “belong” to their parents, or that parents “belong” to their children. Kids belong to whole communities. The authority figures in these larger family units are, of course. the government. Once it is established that children are everyone’s responsibility, society will start making better investments in public education. Society will teach children to recognize their larger family, and not to identify too strongly with the people that gave them life.

When the larger family has need of a child or children, it will be easier to claim them if the children have little attachment to the people with whom they share living quarters.

It sounds like something out of The Giver, or Matched, or 1984, right? It brings to mind the lives of children in Soviet Bloc countries taken from their families at a young age because they showed aptitude in a sport, music, or dance, and more recently, the winsome, pint-sized gymnasts from China. Can’t happen here, in the land of the free–right? Don’t be too sure. That statement is paraphrased from an MSNBC promo for a program entitled: America’s Kids Belong to Their Communities.

Pay attention. Kids, you belong to your parents. They do and should have the right to make decisions about you. For now.




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