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Favorite Moments While Writing Counteract Q&A with my nieces: Episode 8

There's nothing like that first moment you see all the way to the end of the story.

Jules asked, “What was your favorite part about writing Counteract?”

Several things came to mind, but they all had a common element: getting in touch with the details and the characters.

Initially, my enthusiasm for creating the characters and the story was like falling in love. Then, after the period of infatuation wore off, I began to know the characters. Just like real people, they’re not perfect. They have baggage and flaws. They make mistakes. But they also have hopes, dreams, and aspirations. It’s my job to make their path to realizing those hopes and dreams rocky and fraught with danger.

As I worked through the first draft, I’d put the characters into a situation, and write a scene: “Tommy and Careen get into a fight over X.” Later, I’d wonder what motivated them to act and react way they did. Once I knew the characters better, I was able to weave in the honest reactions and emotions that made the story more genuine.

The other favorite moment was when I was working on the plot outline and suddenly saw the story laid out, beginning to end, for the first time. It was like looking down a long tunnel with something I wanted very much just visible at the other end. As I ran into the tunnel, surrounded by all the ideas, the light at the other end went dark, and I typed as fast as I could, lest the vision disappear.





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