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Guest Post: Dystopian Book Therapy by Jenna Grammer

I had the pleasure of meeting Jenna during a school visit last October. She’s a 7th grader at Plains Junior School in West Chester, Ohio, in Mrs. Kniffen’s Language Arts class, and hopes to be a writer or journalist when she grows up.

Today, Jenna’s post shares how reading, and especially reading dystopian novels, has helped her through some difficult times. I think we can all agree that getting lost in an exciting story from time to time is a great way to nurture yourself. Take it away, Jenna!

Dystopian stories are stories that take place in the future where the condition of life is extremely bad.girl reading book outside

I love dystopian stories but it hasn’t always been that way. I actually used to hate reading, but that changed last summer. Of course summer is supposed to involve fun, parties, and friends but it wasn’t like that for me. I almost lost my father to a heart attack. I needed a distraction and I also wanted to be alone so I started reading the Divergent Series, a well-known dystopian series. I fell in love with it. In only five days I had finished the whole series. All of the action kept me on the edge of my seat and even distracted me from the events occurring in my life.

After I finished my first dystopian series, I couldn’t help it but start another. I loved that these dystopian stories would keep me on the edge of my seat with all the action, make me fall in love with characters and just made me feel everything that the characters felt. There were some events in their lives that I could relate to with my own life. I also knew that if I put myself in the same situation the characters were facing, I would feel the same way.

What I loved the most about dystopian novels was the character evolution. Usually dystopian novels have that one character that doesn’t know about the situation going on or is semi-weak (in some cases both) but, watching these characters grow and notice how much they’ve changed and how much stronger they’ve become is truly the most beautiful part of reading these books.

In all, dystopian novels really put the fun in reading and gave me people to relate to when things in my life feel impossible. I always had the “feels” after finishing a series. When you latch on to characters and experience traumatic situations with them, you never want to let them go. If you haven’t picked up a dystopian novel yet, I highly suggest you do so because there’s nothing better in life than a little book therapy.





  1. Rachel Martin says:

    Nice job Jenna! Your guest blog was amazing!!! šŸ˜‰

  2. Bubbles the baller says:

    OMG jenna you are an amazing writer. we miss you so much in mason. we hope you blossom as a writer and continue to be the jenna that you always will be!!!

  3. Brenda Paget says:

    Great job, Jenna! I am proud of you!!!

  4. Christine Martin says:

    Jenna, you are a wonderful writer, and a very convincing one! Thanks for your transparency in sharing your story. I love how you were able to find a way to nurture yourself during a difficult time…what an encouragement to the rest of us! Mrs. Martin

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