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Guest Post: Waiting for Ignite

Some time ago I posted an open letter to my readers, in which I shared  just how much it means to me when someone enjoy my books. Sharing stories  is an interactive experience, and it’s awesome when I get to connect with a fan like Erica.

Erica’s enthusiasm for Counteract and Resist makes me so happy. I know she’s dying to get her hands on Ignite, so I asked her  to share how it feels to  know the wait is almost over:Erica

My love of the Resistance Series started about eight months ago when a good friend purchased copies of Counteract and Resist for me at a local art festival.  The story line seemed interesting and thought they would be good “time killer” books; I never expected them to keep me on edge wondering what would happen next. So, after a couple of sleepless nights, I finished them both and was left helplessly hanging in suspense. I spent the following months checking Amazon and doing Google searches to see if the next book was available yet. I’ve always been an active reader, so I’ve flown through several books since then but still haven’t forgotten that I need to know what will happen next in the lives of Tommy and Careen.

As luck would have it, I was recruited to work at a local comic convention in March to help promote a show that I was a part of with a local shadow cast group, and I ran into an author who had some bookmarks on display promoting Counteract. I asked her if she had any idea when Tracy would be releasing the third book of the series and she very cheerfully told me that she would message her to find out. She also directed me to Tracy’s Facebook page (don’t ask why I hadn’t thought of that) to help keep me in the loop about it.

(Hats off to my pal and fellow author Miracle Austin for putting Erica in touch with me!)

Now, here I am, somewhat patiently awaiting the release of Ignite. I have to say that’s it’s pretty cool to be able to just shoot a message to an author for details on their upcoming book; I try not to bug her too much about it, though.  It’s even cooler to be asked to write this guest entry about my excitement, but, all that aside, I really wish that time would hurry up so I can race through the next book.

I know Erica’s going to devour Ignite–how will she stand it until Revolt, the final installment in Tommy and Careen’s story, comes out in 2017? Stay tuned…

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