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Here We Go Again!

A year ago, I was almost a novelist. Counteract, the first volume in the Resistance Series, was in the queue for editing at my publisher, and another author (well-meaning, of course) told me I should write as many books as I could as fast as I could, because that would make my publisher happy.

I was working on

Resist, the second book in the series, was born in September 2013, and I had a pretty decent idea of where I was headed. But it had taken three years to bring Counteract from inception to publishing contract, and I was in this for the long haul. I wasn’t comfortable banging out the second installment in the series and firing it off to the publisher without giving it the attention and care I’d lavished on its older sibling.

It turned out that writing Resist was easier, and faster—though it still took a year before it was ready to submit. I already knew the characters, so writing the continuation of their tale was more like getting together with friends you hadn’t seen in a while, than meeting a new group of people and trying to figure out the complicated interpersonal group dynamic.

I’d drafted an outline for Resist back on December 29, 2013, and though I hadn’t referred to it after the second draft, the final draft was very close to that outline. I thought ruefully, “Gosh—maybe I should do an outline for the third book, too!”

I want to make sure my story lines, clues, and other continuity stuff is strong from book to book, so I’m diving into the third book in the series before Resist goes to copy editing in late January.

All of a sudden, Resist has become the middle child.

I’m working hard to promote Counteract, doing the prep work that goes with Resist, and trying to finish up strong in Revolt.

I have to be careful when I do talks about writing Counteract that I don’t spoil plot lines in any of the books. There are an awful lot of details to keep track of!

This I know for sure: Resist deserves the same amount of attention to detail as Counteract—and I intend to focus on this new ink-and-paper child, and enjoy every minute leading up to the launch!


  1. If you’re going to do it, do it right. That goes for you. Me? I’m almost sixty three, I can’t afford to dawdle. I’m proud of your professionalism.

  2. Tracy Lawson says:

    Thanks, Linda! I’m trying not to dawdle. I think in finally hit my stride on Revolt after we talked the other day.

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