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My First Time Between the Covers

Tracy interviews author SR Staley about his Christmas thriller, St. Nic, Inc.

Last night was the first episode of Between the Covers with Tracy Lawson, an interview show on the Liberty.Me network.

I had the pleasure of hosting my friend and fellow author Sam Staley. His book, St. Nic, Inc., was the perfect choice for a December broadcast:

Staley’s whipped up a fast-paced tale that will keep you on the edge of your recliner from its opening paragraphs to the climax at its end. If it was a movie, it would be a thriller with a happy ending and egg(nog) on all the right faces.”
— Lawrence W. Reed, president, Foundation for Economic Education

I had a great time talking to Sam about his novels and the ideals of fun and freedom that inspire them. I also had to navigate a few technical difficulties–including a short time during which we lost Sam’s connection and I had to ad-lib on my own until he returned!

I’m looking forward to doing more episodes in the future, and also looking forward to getting better hosting the show. Here’s the first episode:




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