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Series Summary


The Resistance Series is set in an alternate reality version of 2034. This fictional world is different from our own because a proliferation of other terrorist attacks occurred on American soil in the years following the events of 9/11.

Everyone lived in fear, and in 2019, the Office of Civilian Safety and Defense was created by executive order to oversee all matters pertaining to national security.

What if the people you’ve been raised to trust really don’t have your best interests at heart? What if giving up your freedoms means you’ll never get them back? What would you do?

Over the next fifteen years, the OCSD imposed a series of Civilian Restrictions designed to eliminate danger, and the next generation of kids, like Tommy Bailey and Careen Catecher, grew up without being able to go to malls, concerts, or pro sporting events.

Only government employees are allowed to drive.

Tommy and Careen have never used social media, and hardly anyone bothers with the slow, clunky, PeopleNet. There’s only one version of the news because the media is tightly controlled by censors at the OCSD.

People don’t even get to choose what they eat, because the government oversees weekly food delivery. (Tommy has never been happy about this Restriction.)

But even after all the safeguards put in place, the attacks continued.

Tommy and Careen meet in Counteract, just as the US braces for a chemical weapons attack. Everyone has been instructed to take three drops of the Counteractive System of Defense drug each day, which the OCSD stresses is necessary to neutralize the toxins in the air.

Both teens take the antidote, and are unwilling to stop when strange things begin to happen. On the day Careen runs out of her antidote, Tommy shares his last dose with her–but will it be enough to save her? Will that unselfish act hasten his own death? Nearly paralyzed by fear, they await their fate.

The next morning, they’re surprised and confused that they’ve survived. Why didn’t they succumb to the poison? As they detox from the effects of the antidote, they put two and two together and realize that the terrorist attack is bogus. The antidote provided by the OCSD is being used to manipulate and control the people.

…emotionally and psychologically rich scenes, a conflict-driven plot that allows the reader no moment of distraction.

Though they’re frightened for their own safety, Tommy and Careen realize there are things more important than staying safe, and they join a resistance group that’s determined to bring the OCSD’s treachery to light.

In Resist, being part of the Resistance brings with it a whole new set of challenges for Tommy and Careen. Not everyone working for change proves trustworthy, and plans to spark a revolution go awry with consequences far beyond anything they bargained for.

In Ignite, both teens struggle to survive the circumstances that force them into the national spotlight–and this time, they’re on opposite sides.

As the inevitable clash between the Resistance and the OCSD grows nigh in Revolt, Tommy struggles to re-connect with Careen. Will even a life together on the run be impossible for them? Or will the Resistance’s efforts convince the public to put their fears aside and demand freedom?

The books depict just how powerful fear can be.

Note to Parents: This series is appropriate for anyone who’s allowed to watch a PG-13 movie. There’s some coarse language, some romance, and some action violence (though nothing gory or gratuitous, and I never, ever write about animals being harmed).

I wrote Counteract, Resist, Ignite, and Revolt primarily to entertain, but I hope it will prompt readers to think about the kind of world they want to live in, and help to make it so.


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