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The Best of #1LineWednesday (so far)


I love participating in #1LineWednesday on Twitter. It’s a way for authors to share snippets from their works in progress. Every week the organizers post a theme, and authors from all over the globe search their manuscripts to find pithy sentences.

I thought I’d share some of my 1Lines from weeks past:

The following are from when the theme was “HOT”


Mitch took a hot, bitter sip. It was late for coffee, but he probably wasn’t going to sleep again tonight anyway.

Jaycee saw him watching her in a way that made her wish her face wasn’t all red and blotchy behind her freckles.

“It’s freezing! You’re gonna have to build me a fire first.” He tightened his hold on her. “I’m working on it.”

Their kiss produced so much heat that he wouldn’t have noticed if he’d been standing in a foot of snow.

“What? No.” Her voice was barely above a whisper; her cheeks flushed hot even while her teeth chattered from cold and fear.

“Look—I tried to help you when you were in hot water and nothing good came of it. You and your problems wrecked my marriage.”


When the theme was “ACTION”

She clawed the straps and struggled to sit up, fighting the hands that would soothe her. Her fingernails found skin, drew blood.

The guard was dazed. “That kid could’ve killed me right there—or left me inside to get blown up. But he didn’t.”

Marshals swarmed through the diner, into the kitchen and up to the living quarters. Mitch started at the sound of breaking glass.

Tommy dashed out of the kitchen, then froze. Mitch’s hands were in the air. A marshal advanced on him, gun drawn.

She locked eyes with him for a split second, then wrenched herself free and ducked into the crowd, scooping up the little girl.

His grip beginning to slip as they struggled, and she clamped her teeth on his forearm, just above his wrist.

#1LineWednesday is a great way to pique readers’ interest, and also helps the writer take a close look at moments in their manuscript.

This week’s theme is Home. I hope you’ll check out #1lineWed on Twitter and like and retweet to support authors’ efforts!

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