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Body Language: Writing on the Fly

Where is your favorite place to write? When I was a kid, I used to lock myself in the bathroom I shared with my sister with my notebook and pencils. I never asked how she felt about being locked out for hours at a time.

Solitude and quiet worked for me then, and that’s why I was so surprised and delighted to discover that I like writing on airplanes. Especially in business class.

I fly a lot, but I don’t get a seat in business class very often. Any long flight will do. I just shut out everything and write.

We flew from Dallas to Madrid on Saturday, and on this trip I discovered a new #writingtip: my husband was watching a movie with his headset on. I glanced over from time to time to study facial expression and body language. It’s amazing how much of the story you can follow even if you try not to read lips.

If you’re not planning a trip–check out this post from the Writers Write blog for ways to use body language in your writing.

Writers use body language to show, rather than tell, readers everything. In film, the actors are in constant motion–more than 50% of human communication is non-verbal! As writers we use body language more sparingly, lest it slow down the narrative.

Try watching a film or television show with the sound off to get new ideas for incorporating body language into your writing. Watch characters of different ages–if you write YA, your protagonist’s body language will differ from an adult’s.

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